BTC Trader Online, Inc., places 5,000 Dragon Mini (mining-rigs) order with Dragon Mining Tech

HONG KONG, CHINA, March 31, 2018, BTC Trader Online, Inc. ( announces the placement of an order for 5,000 Dragon Mini (B2G-ETH-based mining-rig) with Dragon Mining Technology. These mining-rig machines will be used to mine B2G (Bitcoiin2Gen), Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin Gold, and serve as the backbone for mining pools.


 “We are delighted to receive the order from BTC Trader Online, Inc.,” said Johnny Chen, CEO of Dragon Mining Technology.


These dedicated mining-rig workstations will be used for mining Bitcoiin2Gen (B2G). These rigs will also verify and, post the transactions to any Ethereum-based blockchain ledger and release the new coins in the system.


BTC Trader Online, Inc. is enthusiastic about sharing this big new project with Dragon Mining, a market leader in the provision of crypto-mining solutions for emerging cryptocurrencies, Including engineering and manufacture of crypto-mining GPU-based rigs dedicated to Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies, and altcoin applications.



About Dragon Mining Technology:


Dragon Mining Tech, a world-class cryptocurrency-mining hardware manufacturing company, integrates engineering expertise and manufacturing capacity. The benefit is a massively parallel mining ecosystem, dedicated to mining Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies. Established in 2015 and Incorporated in 2018, Dragon Mining is headquartered in Shenzhen, China.

For more information about Dragon Mining, see


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